Where did the name PB1965 come from?

Staying true to the sport, we selected "PB" as the abbreviation for pickleball and combined that with the year the sport was invented, 1965. Our logo is also a true representation of the sport, depicting the paddle and ball used to play.

What is MX-2 technology?

It is our moisture wicking technology that allows our fabrics to  absorb the sweat from your body and pushes it through the fabric to help keep you cool and dry.

Who is designing PB1965 apparel?

The worlds # 1 Pickleball player Kyle Yates, along with our New York City based creative director are personally choosing the fabrics, and are developing our apparel in order to bring the best possible products to all pickleball players and athletes around the world.

What are the care instructions for MX-2 products?

  • Machine wash inside out in cold water with like colors
  • Air dry or tumble dry on low heat. We recommend not drying on high heat as the performance will reduce and generate static cling. 
  • Don’t use bleach, dryer sheets, or fabric softener.
  • Don’t dry clean.